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EXCELeration Management provides multi-disciplinary teams of seasoned, high performance executives who focus their varied skills, experience and networks on the growth of our clients' businesses, primarily, but not exclusively, in the Managed Care payer space.

For more than 20 years, EXCELeration Management has been driving the growth of healthcare companies with compelling value propositions that advance quality as well as cost-efficiency. Beyond revenue acceleration, EXCELeration helps its clients become mature, market driven businesses that are scalable and capable of providing the level of support and service required to fulfill contracts with any size health benefit payer.

Working on a long term relationship basis, EXCELeration Management executives participate on our clients' management teams to:

  • Position their existing products and services
  • Guide development of additional revenue opportunities that leverage their core capabilities
  • Identify and establish alliances and channels of distribution
  • Implement aggressive strategies to attain revenue and profitability objectives

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