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EXCELeration Management has been helping emerging and mature healthcare businesses accelerate their attainment of profitability and position them for liquidity and other milestone events. By design, EXCELeration Management seeks clients that advance the quality and cost-efficiency of health care. Our executives become long-term, integral parts of our clients' management and business development teams. The professional capital we commit in our clients' short and long-term growth is reflected in our performance-based compensation model.

EXCELeration Management assigns a lead executive to become expert in a client's business, participate as a member of the client's senior management team, and coordinate valuable input from our client's staff and other EXCELeration Management team participants. We are perceived and act as team members, rather than as outside consultants. The customers we obtain for our clients know us as members of our clients management teams, and our clients' see us as an integral part of their sales, contracting, implementation, and account management operations.

Our lead executive regularly draws on the creative input and industry contacts of EXCELeration Management principals and associates to enhance decision-making and multiply the impact of our sales presence for our clients. EXCELeration's principals and associates meet regularly to "round" on the sales prospects we are targeting. Each of us provides business intelligence and decision-maker introductions to our lead executives for follow up on behalf of our clients to gain sales traction and build momentum for their initiatives.

The EXCELeration Management lead executives, principals and associates also mentor client staff to become knowledgeable and responsive to the unique service requirements of Managed Care customers. Our participation frequently includes developing critical template documents such as sales proposals and presentations, and we help our clients develop, train and maintain highly effective, internal sales organizations.