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EXCELeration Management, working as "virtual executives" with client management and employees, supports the following critical business building activities:

  • Developing and validating compelling value propositions and growth strategies for existing and emerging businesses, using a team approach drawing on the varied perspectives and experience of our principals and associates
  • Developing and supporting product/service launch plans and new sales initiatives requiring market segmentation, assessment and strategy for healthcare and insurance sales sectors including managed care, organized labor, government payers, healthcare providers, and consumers
  • Identifying and facilitating strategic alliances and channels of distribution for existing and new healthcare products/services using our broad sphere of high level healthcare contacts
  • Developing and prioritizing sales prospects to establish and grow sales pipelines across the continuum of targeted sales sectors
  • Expediting the closing of legacy and new sales prospects with key accounts to reduce the sales cycle and rapidly increase top line revenues
  • Overseeing and supporting critical contract implementations and creating templates that promote service efficiency and scalability for rapid growth
  • Positioning client companies for growth and transition events by providing experienced interim and long-term executives to fill management gaps